Welcome to Uniting Claims

Why us?
The founders have worked for many of the most prestigious companies in the market place. And although these companies were very good at what they did, the founders always felt that it could be better, and the last two years have proven we can.

When the opportunity arose to start a new business that could be designed to deliver all of the things that the "others" had not! The opportunity was too great to miss and the founders believe that Uniting Claims is well equipped to deliver all of the services at higher than currently available levels. Uniting Claims represents the sum of all of the individual founder's knowledge and experience, coupled to leading edge systems and processes.

Our Services

What we do

This innovation places Uniting Claims amongst the leading outsourced insurance claims management systems specialists. Our target clients include insurance brokers, insurers, and other third party claims providers, vehicle repairers and solicitors. We provide insurance claims management services covering household, motorcycles and cars, light commercial vehicles and taxis, as well as travel and HSE services, including rehabilitation and medical reporting.

Uniting Claims also offers a replacement vehicle service to both fault and non fault accident victims via their insurers and directly. This service can take the form of authorised hire directly arranged by us on behalf of the insurer, or credit hire arranged directly with the non fault policyholder or through their agents or insurers.

We also offer medium term contract hire product to cover the eventuality of a client needing a longer term replacement vehicle. We also operate an advanced total loss valuation/settlement system and storage/recovery solution which through innovative technology, can save insurers considerable amounts of money by ensuring that processes are tightly managed and monitored. The total loss valuation service draws valuations from industry valuation tools, PNC details and web based advertisements local to the policyholder. We can then provide them with representative vehicle valuations in their own locale.

The recovery and salvage management systems ensure that you always get what you should in respect of the vehicle and that storage and recovery payments are managed and checked to ensure no "extras "are added. In addition to the above we offer an invoice validation service which takes invoices from non-approved suppliers and processes them at low cost, swiftly and easily maintaining policy holder retention for the insurer.

As we are able to work across all areas of claims, we can service any need whether from an insurer, their policyholder and or insurance broker or other claims management company. We are truly independent and will always endeavor to deliver above our levels of commitment and to ensure that we apply and monitor account based SLA's and rules based systems. Uniting Claims can offer full real time reporting in any form required and at whatever frequency.